MAT – Medical Auth Tracker

Tools Used: Adobe Captivate, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, SharePoint

(Title slide. Used Photoshop to create the layered transparent image.)

Problem: This was very early in my WellCare career, but a fun challenge! We had not procured our first LMS at the time, and we did not have the benefit of a rapid development tool like Articulate.

The WellCare Intake Team was responsible for triaging calls from providers and caregiver locations. Their job was to resolve calls they could resolve in the I.T. home grown tracking system, or pass them along to the proper clinical team and note the actions taken. The team needed on demand, self-paced microlearning training that could be indexed on SharePoint by role.

Actions: I worked with the Intake team leads using Captivate to record demos of them performing the various procedures by job role. After I recorded the procedures, I was also able to create Step Action Table documents which also lived on SharePoint to accompany the tutorials. To reinforce this media based learning, we linked in the course to the written step flows using the Reference Document folder icon you see in the screen shot below. I used some CSS style sheets to create the dynamic menu for an Index section that you could choose your role to take your specific branch of the course. The branding and imagery were all created by me using Photoshop.

(Overview and role based, branched portal slide. Produced all graphics, icons and HTML linkages)

Results: The Intake Team now had their first video based, microlearning library support system on how to perform procedures in the MAT system. This was used to support all new hires in getting familiar with their systemic job role, as well as provided a place to update processes and procedures for tenured staff.