How Do We Define “Micro Learning”?

Micro Learning is one of the most trendy terms in learning today. However, I have found it is also one of the most misunderstood ones as well. If you are going to have a chance to successfully implement micro learning in your company or marketing program, it helps to know some key things around it. You truly need to have a well-defined knowledge of “who” the learning is for so that you can create a customizable delivery platform.

Author: Kevin Cassidy

ELearning Instructional Designer / Developer with a formal education in television and broadcast communications, specializing in media based training, screen casting, micro learning, software simulations and documentation, video-based learning, Learning Management Systems and corporate SharePoint intranets.

2 thoughts on “How Do We Define “Micro Learning”?

  1. I really liked the video, thank you.
    Finally someone that does not think that short videos is the one and only form of micro-learning. Would love to hear more about types of micro-learning you have used. Like in the MAT project for example.

    1. Thanks, Eyal! Videos are one option, but not the only. I am just ramping up my new site this summer, and plan to post a lot more on micro learning. Thanks for following!

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